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This is Brembo and Mzjia's second litter, Born May 29th 2009! 

They produced 2 Blue Brindles, 1 Powder and 4 Dark Brindles.

Mae Debo

Debo is out of The Willows Brembo and Splitrock Mzjia.
He was born May 29, 2009 and has a great PennHip Score of L.47 R.43 No DJD.  He scored an 83.9% at 2 years old.  His owners Daniella and Nate just adore him.   

Mae Kingsley

Oh my dear, dear Kingsley!  He is a spitting image of his father Brembo.  His story started good, began to get bad and has now ended great as he now resides with my brother Zach and Emery.  He is the most mild, meek, loving male Boerboel [other than his father] that I have ever personally met. He does have some, "due to owner" flaws but you would never guess by his temperament how he was treated. 

Kingsley use to live in Minneapolis, MN.  He was raised indoor with a lovely young toddler.  They shared many great memories I'm sure of from the photos I received from his owners.  Kingsley had all the proper training and is beyond well behaved.  However, he grew up and his previous owners took on new jobs and worked many long hours.  From the disturbing phone call I received I knew it was time to get him out.  Kingsley began to spend his days outside in a kennel, days turned into nights, till he was permanently an outside dog.  I do not agree with this and I strongly feel if you do not have enough time for your beloved "pet" why have a dog in the first place??  I was informed that a year ago he pulled both his ACLs but could walk and the surgery was $3k a knee.  As the phone call proceeded his owner stated I no longer have time for him and if he doesn't find a home ill have to put him to sleep.  Out of the question!  Shortly after, I arranged for my brother to make the 4 hour trip one way, to pick him up [as at the time I resided in Las Vegas, NV.]  Not knowing what to aspect he found an emaciated boy, who smelt like he was living in cow manure his whole life, he lost all his fur on his elbows as he was living on cement.  Once brought to the Vet, he weighed less than 120lbs and a list of Issues due to human neglect.  He is now as healthy as he can be, takes it easy in the winter time (photo above shows he still can move with those ACLs torn) and is living a happy life with Zach and Emery.  When we recently moved back to WI from NV, I was biting my nails off to meet this handsome boy as he reminds me dearly of his beloved father.  Tears poured down my face when I finally got to say Hi and say Sorry to him.  His temperament and personally surely show the gentle giant he truly is!

Shortly after Kingsley arrived.
Less than 120lbs


Photo taken several months later.


Mae Riley

Riley was the runt of her litter, but she turned out nice and compact throughout.  People normally dislike the runts or the runts with some breeders are given away or sold cheaply.  In my experience normally the runts are the ones that turn out better than most their litter mates.  Just take a look at her dad Brembo.  He was also the runt in his litter and was looked over by most.  Thankfully I had the opportunity to snatch him up!

Mae Tyson

Tyson lives in Colorado Springs, CO.  He lives with a wonderful family that lives on 35 acres.  Here is what his owners had to say about him: "Tyson has an excellent temperament, IMO.  Extremely gentle with our kids and family, extremely mellow, affectionate and appropriately submissive.  Also, extremely territorial and protective with strangers and appropriately aggressive and protective.  He appears extremely sound with great mobility and athleticism and is very quick.  He has a moderate prey drive, but responds well to obedience."

Mae Zola

Zola was one puppy I had planned to keep back for myself, however with my move to Las Vegas, I had to place most the dogs.  Zola however found a loving great home that already had another Boerboel.  Sadly she passed when they put her under to be spayed.  Very heart breaking for the owners and myself.

Mae Maverick

Maverick is out of The Willows Brembo and Splitrock Mzjia.  He is living a wonderful life with a family full of kids that just adore him.  He resides in northern Colorado. 

Mae Grey

Grey lives in Fort Collins, CO.   

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