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This is Brembo and Mzjia's first litter, Born August 5th 2008! 

They produced 4 Blue Brindles and 2 Dark Brindles.

This is Brembo and Mzjia's second litter, Born May 29th 2009! 

They produced 2 Blue Brindles, 1 Powder and 4 Dark Brindles.

This is Martello and Ogio's first litter, Born July 20th 2016! 

They produced 4 Brindles and 1 Powder.

This is Qubitron and Ogio's first litter, Born February 21st 2017! 

They produced 2 Fawns and 1 Brindle.

This is Bronson and Damali's first litter,
Born January 8th

They produced 10 Beautiful Brindle babies!

Zukandi Beau and Mae Damali's first litter,
Born July 29th

They produced 8 Beautiful Brindle babies!

Damali Breeding Poster 3.jpg

KS Judge and Mae Damali's litter,
Born August 15th

They produced 9 Beautiful Brindle babies!


Maweza Disselboom and Red Oak Montana litter,
Born December 15th

They produced 9 Beautiful babies!

Montana & Disselboom Puppy Poster.jpg

Middelpos Rowdy and Mae Lydia litter,
Born June 18th

They produced 9 Beautiful babies!

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