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Mae Edwin

Father: Mae Galtero
Mother: Red Oak Montana
DOB: September 2nd 2021
SABBS: 86.9% (L)
AKC: WS73688803
L.66 R.57 NO OA
Elbows: OFA Normal
Echo Normal
Heart: OFA Normal
Ec/En: Negative
Optimal Selection DNA: Clear

Only to FULLY Health Tested Females

What can I not say about my Edwin!?  First off, he is one of the happiest dogs alive, always eager to please me!  He is a friendly boy WHEN properly introduced to stranger.  He can however forget his size which can intimidate people.  When he was a puppy his personality started to tug at my heart and I'm truly blessed to have this goofball here and to see what he will produce for us.  

Edwin in our humble opinion has a perfect topline and his rear angulation is to die for, especially in this bred. He reminds me a lot of his father in terms of his stamina and functionality, which we feel this breed needs to get back to.

His first two litters are being whelped here in March 2023! 
We are offering him out to ONLY fully health tested females.  If your are interested in using Edwin please send an email or text!   

Below are photos of Edwin's Parents

Mae Galtero
Red Oak Montana
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