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Mae Lyra ~ Retired
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Mae Widow Jane ~ Retired

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{You can visit her page under females}

Please email or call for more info!
Mae Lyra 
{KS Judge X Mae Damali}
Update: Lyra’s one home did fall through. She is still looking for that new couch to call her own. She has recently been spayed.

This one hurts like HELL, but it’s what’s best for her. Mae Lyra is being retired. This dog is your total package. She’s cool, confident, content and loving. She adores cats, she’s OK with none dominant females, great with males. Shes good with strangers just have to give her that proper introduction. She is house trained, crate trained and basic OB. She DOES have prey drive with poultry FYI

DOB: August 15, 2019
AKC & SABBS: 88.2% (L)
Hips: L.36 R.15 NO OA
Elbows: OFA Normal
Heart: Echo Normal
V/H: Negative
Mae Widow Jane
{Black Iron Tucker X Mae Ivar
Jane is still looking for that new couch! She is crate trained, house trained and basic OB. She is female dominant but great with male dogs. She’s good with cats as well. She is very protective of her home and her people, but when properly introduced she’s good. She is amazing with our daughter, but for the sake of her not being raised around young kids, I’d say no young children, unless you’re experienced.

Jane is AKC and SABBS, 87.2% (L)
DOB: July 16, 2020
Hips: R.34 L.35 NO OA
Elbows: 1/1
Heart: Echo Normal
V/H: Negative
270005290_4945775898778961_3880507915038769657_n (2).jpg
250239469_4710902132266340_5097136498386618140_n (4).jpg
Mae Svedka
{KS Judge X Red Oak Montana}
Svedka is a higher driven female, she would do best to have a property to run about. She is okay with cats. She carries beautiful qualities from both her parents!
We would be willing to let her go to a pet or breeding home, with stipulations!

Svedka is AKC and SABBS, 80.3% (L)
DOB: August 4th, 2020
Hips: R.53 L.50 NO OA 
Elbows: OFA Normal
Heart: Echo Normal  
V/H: Negative
Ec/En: Negative
Optimal Selection DNA: Clear
Mae Bowzer
{WOR Congo X Mae
DOB June 23, 2023

Mae Bowzer is looking for a loving pet home.

Sadly not all make the breeding cut and it’s always a tough decision to make. He is a healthy boy and will make someone a wonderful companion! He has a very sweet personality, he likes cats way too much lol, doesn’t have a prey drive for our poultry and has been raised with our adults Mor’du and Lyra.

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