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Mae Lyra
Father: KS Judge
Mother: Mae Damali
DOB: August 15, 2019

SABBS: 88.2% (L)
AKC: WS67047701
Hips: L.36 R.15 NO OA 
Elbows: OFA Normal
Heart: Echo Normal
V/H: Negative
Ec/En: Clear
Optimal Selection DNA: Clear
Lyra is one of my favorite upcoming females here (shhhh don't tell the others)! She is ideally everything I've wanted to produce thus far.  Lyra has a stable temperament, perfect health scores and structurally spot on per the breed standard.  She is still young and has plenty of time to continue to develop, but as she does she will only be even better!  Her nickname here is "Log Dog" no matter where we are on our property if there is a log (which we have many of them) she will prop herself up to be the proud, beautiful female she is. I'm very proud to have bred and raised this beautiful brindle female and I can not wait to see her be an amazing mother and to produce her next generation here at Mae Boerboel!

Lyra was appraised with SABBS on 9-18-21 and not only took Best Female but Dog of the Day!  Super proud of this beautiful female inside and out!

Quinta De Ramalhoa Quim

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