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Mae Galtero
(NOW at Askuwheto Boerboels)

Father: Voice Veld Eloy (Bronson)
Mother: Mae Damali
DOB: January 8th, 2018
SABBS: 85% L
AKC: WS60272601
Hips: L.30 R.27 NO OA
Elbows: OFA Normal
Heart: OFA Normal (Echo & Auscultation)
Ec/En: Negative
Optimal Selection DNA: Clear
Mae Galtero is a very functional, athletic male, with the stamina this breed needs more of. 
His topline and tailset is to die for, along with great rear angulation and a nice wide A frame! 

I'm also extremely pleased with his temperament, I can't say enough about it!  

Below are photos of Galtero's Parents

Voice Veld Eloy (Bronson)
Mae Damali
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