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Mae Constellation of Svedka
Father: KS Judge
Mother: Red Oak Montana
DOB: August 4th, 2020

SABBS: 80.3% (L)
AKC: WS70824411
Hips: R.53 L.50 NO OA 
Elbows: OFA Normal
Heart: Echo Normal  
V/H: Negative
Ec/En: Negative

Optimal Selection DNA: Clear
Svedka's litter was very hard to choose from, this breeding between KS Judge and Red Oak Montana produced a very consistent and correct litter of puppies!  
Svedka is my shadow, literally always under my feet and by my side.  She is full of personality and very confident. 
Svedka is still very young and will undergo her full health testings at a year of age.  We will keep you updated as she continues to develop! 
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