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Mae Willa


I was introduced to Danielle, Mae Boerboel, back in 2017 with the purchase of one of her amazing pups. From the very first introduction, I knew I found the right place for my princess. Danielle was in contact with me on the daily, with all forthcoming information pertaining to my pup. I can not say enough good things about how wonderful of an experience I had, from start to finish with buying my first Boerboel! From sending her home in the cutest blanket, that still is being used on her bed, to the 24/7 availability on any questions or concerns I may of had, Danielle has been there every step of the way! My, Mae Willa Bleu, is almost 3 years old, and striving beautifully! Not only did I gain an amazing dog, but I also gained a great friendship in Danielle. I would highly recommend her for any future purchase of a Boerboel.


      Angie Munger

She stayed in touch with us through the entire process!

Danielle and I connected a little over 9 years ago after we got our first Boerboel. I admire the love and dedication that she puts into the breed as well as each and every litter and pup. Once we decided to get our second Boerboel, I knew I wanted a Mae Boerboel.

When we reached out to Danielle about her program and expressing interest, she was quick to follow up with us. She took the time to listen to our wants and matched us to the perfect litter and pup.

Even though it seemed like it took “forever” to get our boy, Danielle made the wait so much easier by sending pics & progress updates. When the time came, we flew up to get our new addition. Danielle was so welcoming when we arrived. I truly appreciated the time she took with us when we got there. Not only did we get the opportunity to meet some of the other families that would be getting litter mates, but we also got to meet her other dogs. Each & everyone of them were amazing and so well behaved!

A bonus to our trip was getting to meet Ben & Parabelle. I love how involved Parabelle is with the pups. She totally prepared our boy for all the kiddos he has loving on him now.


     Ed & Amy Smith​

Mae Blase


Mae Skye


Not only is Danielle knowledgeable and passionate about her dogs and the Boerboel breed, she cares about Boerboel owners weather they got a pup from her or not. I met Danielle a few years ago when I took my Boerboel to appraisals in Illinois. She was very friendly and kind. I did not get my first Boerboel from her but from another breeder, he did not have a sound temperament and she was there for me when I was struggling. I was unable to get a pup from her at the time but later was able to adopt a 1.5 year old of hers that the owner could no longer keep. Just an amazing dog, sound temperament, loving and very smart. Me personally I would only get a dog from her or a breeder she recommends. You can not go wrong in getting a dog/puppy from her. She will always be there for you, supporting you and answer any questions about your dog or the breed in general. You will become part of the Mae Boerboel family and that’s one hell of a family to belong to! So happy I met her and am part of her family, amazing woman and wonderful breeder!



Danielle is the first breeder I've ever dealt with,
I've always rescued my dogs. I was so surprised and grateful that she wanted to know everything a rescue would want to know about my family and maybe even more! She takes pride in her dogs and she cares very much where they end up. She helped us choose the right pup for our family and helped us arrange to have her flown to PA. She continually checked on our pup (and us!) in the beginning and we still talk often. She helps with any questions we have along this journey and it means so much. I would highly recommend Mae Boerboel! Thank you Danielle for everything!

      Frank & Jennifer Addalli

Mae Mila


Mae Dubia


Danielle is the best!!!!
She's very knowledgeable about the breed. She answers all your questions and is always a phone call away. The quality of the puppies you get from her are second to none. You can tell it's not just a business for her. It's a sincere passion and dedication to a wonderful breed. I'm so glad I was fortunate enough to get a puppy from her. I highly recommend her if you're looking for a Boerboel!

      Courntey Holifield

Mae Jocko

I have been following Danielle and her pups for quite some time and have always adored them. She stays true to her bloodline and makes the well-being of her dogs top priority. When my fiancé and I felt ready to welcome a new baby into our lives, I knew Mae Boerboel was the answer. Throughout conversations, it became even more evident that Danielle cares deeply about maintaining the breed standard and where her pups go. Our puppy is roughly 12 weeks now and Danielle has been incredibly helpful with answering questions and offering advice. We highly recommend Mae Boerboel and already looking forward to another baby from her in the future!

      Caitlin & Jeff Plewa


Mae Nova


We love Mae Boerboels!
After owning a Boerboel for almost 3 years and following Danielle and her journey with breeding beautiful dogs we knew it was only a matter of time before getting one of her pups.

Her passion for the breed, and all aspects of their life is plain to see. She made sure we were the right fit for our girl and has answered my million questions with no hesitation! She creates a great community and I would buy a beautiful, loving, healthy dog from her time and time again!

      Ryan & Brittney Tyler

Mae Nahla

Her dogs are amazing!
There are so many "breeders" out there that you can't trust... which is why I am so grateful that I found Danielle!! She truly loves her dogs!

I have been a dog Behaviorist/ Trainer for over 20 years and have been in contact with a lot of breeders over the years... none of them have the drive and passion that Danielle has! Absolutely gorgeous and amazing temperaments! I know a lot of people that have gotten pups and that will be getting pups from her.

Nahla will not be the last Boerboel I get from you Danielle!!

And I am also happy for our new found friendship too!

     Jay & Amanda Rossetti


Mae Cable


If you're looking for a breeder you can trust, I'd highly recommend Mae Boerboel!

I met this breeder online around 8 years ago. Since then I've seen her produce a number of beautiful litters. What has always been apparent to me is that she really loves her dogs and the breed in general. Her pups are raised in a loving home which I personally believe is very important for all breeds but especially one that grows to be as formidable as a Boerboel. You're not just buying a dog when you get a Mae Boerboel, you're joining a family.

     Ryan & Kelly Shank

Mae Dio

I cannot say enough good things about this Kennel!
I did a ton of research on the Boerboel and thought I knew all there was to know. I was wrong! During my first conversation with Danielle of Mae Boerboel I knew I was talking to the right kennel.

Her dogs are treated like family members and puppies are raised to be well adjusted beautiful dogs. Our male (Mae Dio) is a perfect example of what can be achieved with this great breed when the right breeder knows what they are doing!

     Pete Kaehny


Mae Zala

Definitely recommend Mae Boerboel!

We purchased our amazing puppy Mae Zala from Mae Boerboel. Danielle is great to work with and always available when we have any questions.

     Dean & Soozi Evans

Communication has always been clear and timely.

It has been eight weeks since I picked up my newest family member from Mae Boerboel. His name is Mae Quintus, and he will be sixteen weeks old Thursday, November 5, 2020. I'm so happy with him and the decision to become part of the Mae Boerboel family. I would do it again (I plan to do it again as a matter of fact when Q gets a bit older) and I can recommend Mae Boerboel and Danielle Radey, the person that makes it all happen, to anyone who wants a Boerboel.

My experience with Danielle has been excellent. It started several years ago. I first became aware of Boerboels around 2015. The breed is so majestic, I wanted one immediately. I started following Boerboel Enthusiasts on Instagram. Danielle posts lots of cool Boerboel content. I decided to ask her a few questions about what it is like to have a Boerboel. She responded with lots of helpful information. It took until 2020 for the timing to be right in my home to get one. I'm so grateful Quintus was available from a breeding of Black Iron Tucker and Mae Ivar. He is the classic Boerboel in shape, size, and function with a temperament that is great for me and the family. It was important to me that the pup have a low prey drive as we have chickens and cattle, yet be protective since we live in a rural area. Danielle evaluates the pups while in her care for personality traits and then matches the pup to the owner.

Danielle has been great. She will be the first to tell you a Boerboel isn't for everyone, and if you aren't suited to being the pups leader, you are better off choosing something else. The purchase agreement is pretty standard for a canine of high quality and suitability for future breeding should all the health and breed standards be met.

Cost can be prohibitive compared to other breeds, but I consider the cost an investment in a top quality animal that will fulfill his role in my family for many years to come. Quality up front means less cost down the road in my experience.

We picked up our pup at Danielle's in Wisconsin. Everything came off without a hitch. No fuss or drama. From the post she makes about each litter, you can tell she loves all her dogs.

I'm happy to say she has been right there with us through the first eight weeks with Quintus. She quickly responds to all of my questions and comments, and shows real concern for Quintus and us. I can tell she wants the best for us all.

If you are thinking about adding an incredible dog breed to your pack, I highly recommend you contact Danielle, for a well bred dog and all the know-how that comes with.

     Patrick & Cathy McAndrews

Mae Quintus


Mae Lady Melania

She was extremely helpful and always easy to reach out to.

We first learned about Danielle and Mae Boerboels from my brother who was able to purchase a pup from her over a year ago and was very happy with the entire process. Learning how knowledgeable and helpful she was I started contacting her with questions as well. We had been looking for another special female pup to add to our pack. After much discussion Danielle agreed to add us to the list if the right female came available out of her Montana and Judge litter. We now are the proud owners of Mae Lady Melania. We have owned several Boerboels over the last 15 yrs and are extremely excited about the possibilities of this new addition.

     Jerry & Julie Luce

Mae Amri

I cannot express fully in words how night and day different she is from other breeders I have worked with. I got my third Boerboel from Danielle at Mae Boerboel. The simple fact is Danielle is 100 percent emotionally and responsibly invested in the lives of every single pup she helps bring into this world. Her love, concern and support is felt consistently. Our pup arrived so confident, so clearly exposed to life outside of the whelping box. His beauty is second to none, and that being said there was not a single pup in his litter that I wouldn't have been proud to welcome into our pack. My kids and I have affectionately given her a nickname; we will never be able to give enough thanks to "The Mother of Dragons" who brought our Amri into our lives!

    Jensen Family


Mae Lola

We are so grateful to Danielle at Mae Boerboel for her guidance, expertise and honesty in selecting a puppy for us. We have two sons, one of whom has significant special needs, and Danielle was very candid with her thoughts on which pup would be best suited to our family. We couldn't have asked for a more rock solid temperament upon which to build with training and socialization - Lola is a special girl, and words cannot express our gratitude to Danielle! We will be a lifelong Mae Boerboel family.

      Liguori Family

Mae All Jacked up (Jack)

Huge shout out to Dani at Mae Boerboel, I have followed her for years and had several talks. She is so helpful no matter if you got a pup for her or not. I finally got my dream brindle pup from her 2 weeks ago and we are absolutely impressed with him. She is with you for the long haul and that is major for me. Mae Jack is everything we wanted and I’m excited to see him grow and what he accomplishes. Dani you have put your heart and soul into your program and it shows. All your dogs are not only beautiful but their temperaments are amazing. Thank you for letting us be part of the Mae Boerboel family I love you dearly my friend.

    Lippiatt Family


Mae Ares

So happy to be part of the Mae Boerboel family finally!

I have known Dani for 9 years now ever since I got my first Boerboel pup, I had so many questions and Dani helped me so much with them and learning the breed. When I lost my boy last year it was hard to even think of another pup but when it was time Dani was my first choice as I have waited on one of her pups for a long time. Ares is exactly what I wanted in a pup. Thanks again Dani for my boy.

    O'Donnell Family

Mae Allie

Dani and I have been "internet Boerboel friends" for a number of years now. It all started with a similar love for the brindles and I have always admired the way she raises her dogs. You can just tell the love that she pours into them. So when we were looking for our next breeding female, I knew I wanted to reach out as to her breeding plans. Finally the time came to pick up our girl and she welcomed me into her home after traveling during COVID all the way from Canada. Her dogs are beautiful and her family is welcoming. I had such an amazing time talking about dogs and hanging out with Parabelle. We are so looking forward to watching Allie grow up and mature into a beautiful girl who hopefully will take after her mama Ivar!

     Holland Family


Mae Bruce


Amazing Breeder

My husband and I contacted Danielle with Mae Boerboel’s when we suddenly lost our sweet boerboel Louden(from a different breeder) unexpectedly. He hurt himself jumping on the bed and needed an MRI and his heart stopped under anesthesia. We were devastated and Danielle was so understanding and empathic. She is very passionate about Boerboel’s and you could tell she takes pride in breeding healthy, strong and loyal pups! We spoke over the phone several times and explained our family dynamic with 2 young boys in our home. Danielle made sure we understood the commitment it takes to be boerboel owners and that you need to dedicate time and effort into training them. You have to embrace the slobber and expect to spend hundreds of dollars a month on food and toys that he’ll kill in 5 mins! She made sure to let us know that she would choose the right Boerboel for our home based on the pup’s temperaments (we really appreciated this aspect, especially when it’s so easy to say… I want that pup, he’s the biggest, or cutest or has the best markings) knowing that he was carefully selected with our family needs in mind put our hearts at ease! Picking up our pup went perfectly and we were able to meet our puppy’s dog mom! Danielle even took the sweetest family photo with our newest addition! Communication was, and still, is so easy and she always responds in a timely manner. We love how Danielle cares so much about her pups that she checks in to see how they’re doing, growing and interacting with our family.

Our Mae Bruce is now almost 1! He is such a sweet boy, playful, confident (but not over confident), adores kids, other dogs and toads! He highly dislikes chipmunks and deer. He’s protective, curious and sometimes a giant goofball! He is eager to learn and please us but has his stubborn moments as well. He loves to play puzzle games and find his toys around the house when you tell him to. He has been a healthy boy and has had no health problems or issues! We love sending Danielle updates on our not so tiny baby dog! He brings our family so much joy and you cannot go wrong with a Boerboel from Danielle. A true pleasure knowing her and her wonderful pups!

Thank you Mae Boerboel!


      Shaun, Kelly, Cru and Cash Trimarco

Mae Samson Hank

I first met Danielle through a Boerboel Facebook group over 10 years ago!  My 2 year old Boerboel at the time had become aggressive and I was looking for advice. Although this dog was not one of Danielle’s, she stepped up and offered advice. Her love for the breed is so apparent in her willingness to share her extensive knowledge.

I began to follow her breeding program and I was so impressed with the amount of time and care she spends with her dogs. She breeds with honesty and integrity, investing so much to be sure she is producing only the best possible litters. There was no question that when the time came, I wanted one of Danielle’s dogs.

I’m so happy to say that I finally was able to meet Danielle in person when I picked up my puppy, Mae Samson Hank, from her in July 2022! She was so easy to work with and has been available for every single question I’ve had since then. I am honored to be worthy of one of her dogs and have no doubt she will support us throughout Samson’s lifetime.

    Debbie Watts


Mae Nala & Mae OBI



(Mae Nala 11 Months & Mae Obi Wan Kenobi 4 months)

Where do we begin to explain how excellent Danielle is? Her knowledge and guidance are unsurpassed. We have purchased two pups from her in the last year. The first time, My husband went to pick up our beautiful Nala. Danielle was helpful with guidance on what to expect with our new pup but was also accommodating with tips on traveling with our new puppy back to California. Next was our handsome Obi. This time she was so helpful with helping us decide which new member would work best with our family dynamics, including Nala's personality. We went back and forth, and she was patient, but in the end, we trusted her and went with her suggestion. Boy, was she right! Our little Obi is a shining STAR! We are in communication with her a couple of times per month. She is always there to answer questions and is so knowledgeable. I couldn't recommend her enough. She is a 5-star breeder who cares for and loves the breed. Thank you, Danielle, for bringing so much joy to our family through your beautiful pups.

     Michael & Nicole Paez

We have been truly blessed in being a part of the Mae Boerboel family with not only an experienced and knowledgable breeder, Danielle, but we have one of her amazing boerboels we named Mae Eli. Danielle has been by our side answering questions we have had and has offered advice such as introducing Mae Eli to dock diving! Yes, this boy loves the water and will not pass up water hoses, swimming pools or try to jump in the shower with you just to be in the water! She looks forward to pictures and updates we share with her and she has given us interesting and fun information about Mae Eli and his antics, such as him always talking and gets louder when we tune him out! We found out his grandfather was the same way! We love Mae Eli and he is an amazing boerboel and when Danielle picked this pup for us, she nailed it! We could not have asked for a better puppy! He has weaved himself in our home and lives perfectly and his temperament is even keel with other dogs and with people! He loves everyone! We are so grateful to have Danielle take this journey with us and Mae Eli! She is a very dedicated and responsible breeder and she loves and cares for everyone of her dogs! She has a lot of respect for this breed and has spent many years working with them. Thank you Danielle for all that you have done for us and supporting us during this journey with Mae Eli!

    Newman Family

Mae Eli

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