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Mae Lydia
Father: KS Judge
Mother: Mae Damali
DOB: August 15, 2019

SABBS: Coming Soon
AKC: WS67047702
Hips: L.33 R.28 NO OA
Elbows: OFA Normal
Heart: Echo Normal
V/H: Negative
Ec/En: Clear
Optimal Selection DNA: Clear
Lydia is very striking to look at, almost like a Tiger with her Brindle Pattern.
Miss Lydia is a full sister to Mae Lyra.  We call them Yin and Yang, they are truly bonded and do everything together. Lydia is a little more reserved with new people, which isn't a bad thing, once she realizes no threat she is a big love bug. Lydia is very attentive to both my daughter and my whereabouts, she never takes her eyes off us.

  She is also extremely athletic and SUPER fast!  Our plan is to get her entered into some Fast CAT events this Spring/Summer. I'm also very happy with her amazing health scores and cant wait to see how she continues to mature!

Quinta De Ramalhoa Quim

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