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2 Planned Breeding for Spring 2020!!

Please fill out our Puppy Questionnaire.
Only a few puppies will be available
Mae Damali has been bred to Klein Sandfontein Judge!

Puppies Born Aug 15th! 
9 Beautiful babies, 6 females 3 males

  Judge as most who have met him will understand the Significant amount of bone he has along with his chest.  For his size and overall structure Judge carries himself extremely well.  We are looking forward to see what Judge and Damali will produce, given Damali has a very sleek, clean, muscular, athletic body.  

Judge and Damali are also fully health tested and their information is posted below.

Temperament is always very important to me as I have dealt with unstable and fearful Boerboels.  Both Judge and Damali also compliment each other here.  Damali is a very family oriented female, she is not fond of strangers and she will make herself known in a controlled manner.  With also meeting Judge several times now, I have witnessed his stable temperament around several engaged adult male Boerboels and also an empty dark parking lot at 1 in the morning with a strange man making his way directly at us (to make this breeding happen) Shelby will agree, if Judge wasn't present that event might have gone differently!  

All in all, we are very excited to see these brindle Judge and Damali babies!!
Thank you Jimmy and Shelby of Black Iron Boerboels for allowing us to use Judge!

If your interested in a puppy off her please take the time to fill out our puppy questionnaire.  
Sire: Klein Sandfontein Huey
Dam: Klein Sandfontein Asara

Hips: OFA Excellent 
Elbows: OFA Normal
Heart: Cardiac Normal
Ec/En: Negative
Sire: Quinta De Ramalhoa Quim
Dam: Shombay Ogio
Hips: L.61 R.58 (NO OA or DJD) 
Elbows: OFA Normal
Heart: EKG Normal 
Thyroid: Normal
V/H: Clear
Ec/En: Negative
Mae Ivar will be bred in Spring 2020!

We do have her stud in mind and will announce shortly!

If your interested in getting on her waiting list please take the time to fill out my puppy questionnaire located below.  

How we raise our puppies...

This is how the future starts!

The way your puppy is raised will have a long term effect on their character, health and behavior! 

Make sure that your puppy had the best start in life!
Info About Mae Boerboels Puppy Placement
We here at Mae Boerboel take your purchase of our puppy very serious.  We will be here for the life time of the puppy and will be here for any questions and all the support you will need. (Our oldest litter was born in 2008)
Your puppy will come with:
~ Vaccinations
 ~ De-wormed (2,4,6,8 weeks)
~ Micro-chipped (with AKC Reunite)
~ Tails docked
 ~ Health certificate from certified vet
~ Temperament Tested (at 7 weeks)
~ Registered with AKC or SABBS
~ Weekly Updates on each puppy
~ Health Guarantee
~ Lifetime Support ~ ALWAYS
~ Shipping available with a Flight Nanny
All puppies are sold on a Pet/Companion contract, unless an arrangement was agreed upon for a Co-Own contract. Puppies will be registered with either AKC or SABBS.
We do not accept Deposits until the litter is born.
Deposits are (non-refundable) so please understand that our female may not have the sex/temperament of puppy you wanted, however we will move your deposit to the next litter. 
Specific colors and masks are not guaranteed, and will not be the determining factor in puppy selection. 
Keep in mind, we will work as best as we can to keep your wants in mind with color, however, we put temperament first when selecting your puppy!
The remainder of the purchase price needs to be paid in FULL by 6 weeks of age.


Puppies will be available after the age of 8 weeks old. 
After 9 weeks of age there will be a $4.00 per day "boarding fee" that will be added to the cost of the dog for each additional day.
Buyer is responsible for shipping costs and pay the Flight Nanny directly
(approximately $500-600).
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We also have a Private Facebook page specifically for all Mae Boerboel Owners!

Watson and Fritz <3